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Historian's Message

As the troop historian, I have helped to record all of the troop events & camping trips. I started to record event history from my first court of honor. From Irwindale to Camporall 2014-2015. Being the historian & APL for the Phoenix Patrol, I understand the importance of leadership positions that I hold. The campouts and activities I have been on since joining the troop are Irwindale: Big Ride, Camp Kern: Merit Badges, San Simeon, Applefest, Tehachapi Mountain Park, Bear Mountain, Death Valley & Camporall.

Historian's Role

Gathers pictures and facts about troop activities and keeps them in a historical file or scrapbook. Takes care of troop trophies, ribbons, and souvenirs of troop/team activities. Keeps information about former members of the troop. Sets a good example. Enthusiastically and correctly wears the Scout uniform (all four parts). Lives by the Scout Oath and Law. Shows Scout spirit.

Current Historian

- Zachary C.

The Big Ride - 06/12/15


Back Pack Trip - 05/22/15

On Friday we left to go to Kennedy meadows. This trip was our troop's 1st backpacking trip. At our last meeting we packed our backpacks as if we were all going backpacking.
The entire Phoenix patrol stayed at base camp while the majority of the troop went backpacking. At the base camp we had to switch tent buddies and tents because of the backpackers.
We followed the backpackers 20 min after they had taken off for our hike. The adult leaders had water filtration devices we used to treat the creek water for water bottle refills. When we had reached the bridge at the end of our hike, the backpackers were waiting for a shorter person to catch up. We played at the bridge for a while then headed back to camp.
We played a game in the woods called CTF (capture the flag).
Later we chose a log from the woods and hauled it to base camp. We took turns sawing the log for firewood. After that we worked on the textile merit badge.
The 2nd night we had hamburger helper for dinner. Then we made a campfire from the wood we had collected earlier that day and had pole pies for dessert.
The next morning we had breakfast and packed our stuff and collapsed the tents for transport home. That morning the scouts played CTF while waiting for the backpackers to come back. After the backpackers came back, we had lunch using all the left overs from the previous nights. Then we all headed back home

Camporall - 4/10/15


Snow Sports Day - 03/07/15

At 4:30 am we left for Big Bear Mountain resort. When we arrived, there wasnt much parking spaces. We all met up at the main gate. Once everything was geared up we were split into Skiers and snowboarders at the Frank & Stein Pavillion. During our training, we learned how to ride, fall and walk. After the lessons, we met up at the pavillion. From then on, we got to use the "magic carpet" and chair lifts. We met up at Jason's blue truck for lunch. Near the end of our day, some of us had a fun snowball fight with a few kids that weren't part of Boyscouts. At the end, we turned in our gear and headed home.

Scouting for Food - 02/07/15

The scouting for food service has begun. Members of Troop 3 and Pack 3 were equally assigned to each available drivers who has been assigned a zone. The scouts went door to door to gather non-perishable foods and items. From 10:00 am to 12:30 pm and in the end we colleted 2100 lbs of food for the Salvation Army

Death Valley Campout - 11/20/14

Friday night we went to the Ranger Assembly area to learn about the wildlife, climate, harsh terrain and ask questions. Saturday morning after breakfast, we hiked at the Mosaic Canyon, beautiful views and places to parkour out there. After lunch we headed out to the Badwater Basin (BOY WAS it SALTY) Afterwards, we headed out to Devil's Golf Course, we jumped from stone to stone out there. Sunday Morning, after breakfast we went to Mequite Dunes, played in the sand. Lunchtime was spent at the general store in Stovepipe Wells. After lunch we went to Ubehebe Crater and visited Scotty's Castle as well. Sunday night around dinner time, we performed a flag retirement duty over the campfire.

Tehachapi Mt Campout - date


Applefest - date


San Simean Campout - date


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