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Scouting Year 2015

Tehachapi Cub Scouts Dues Schedule

Our current monthly dues, as set by the pack committee, are:



Our current annual dues, as set by the pack committee, are:


The annual dues is paid in advance (September) for the full year and reflects a savings of $35.00 over your monthly dues.
With your pre-paid annual dues payment, you will also receive the following:

	* Pack3 T-Shirt ($12.00 value)
	* Pinewood Derby Kit for January's race ($5.00 value)
	* Re-Charter Fee for 2016 ($24.00 value), New Scouts will still have to
	  pay their registration fee's for 2015 (prorated)
	* Total Savings: Including the Discount, Pack3 Shirt and
	  the Pinewood Derby Kit...

Total Savings! $76.00

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